Welcome to CISS

CISS, or the Clinical Information Search System, is a Clinical Search tracking, reporting and delivery system for anyone who provides information to others from literature search services. It was developed at the University Hospitals of Leicester (UHL).

Totally customisable, the system allows you to keep track of the searches requested of your team, providing valuable statistics and data on your service and how it is run.

At the individual level, users of the system can see feedback on how well they are doing, in terms of time and the clinical impact of the service. They can keep a record of their work flow, the number of searches they complete and refer back at any time to a history of their work.

As a manager, you can see how well your team are performing, the quality of the data they are providing and the feedback from your customers. You can delegate searches across your team, coping with fluctuating work loads and the demands on your time.

Customers get a fast, efficient service, with results presented in a convenient and easy to read format.

CISS is currently only available for use within UHL but we do have future plans to market it, if you would like to be informed when this happens or if we are looking for testing partners, please email us via our Contact Us page.


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